Compusoft Training Center Reviews

I really appreciate the hands-on slow paced classes at Compusoft  & the way the instructor made sure that we all know how to  the key points on each lesson apply at work.  Also, the willingness to go above & beyond what was required on each subject. I highly recommend their career courses -Ella W.

I would like to start by saying that I am very proud of myself for selecting this school. Compusoft's classes is for anyone who needs knowledge on computers and software skills currently used in offices. The staff here are friendly and professional. Instructors are patient and really want you to learn so they take their job seriously, meaning they are not here for their paycheck or to waste time. -Kim C.

Classes here are very helpful & exciting. Students get real world projects on each class that truly trains  us to obtain  job in changing careers. -S. Mays

Having used Microsoft for years, I thought I was proficient but after attending Compuosoft classes sponsored by my employer, I have learnt a lot more skills that I can use at office. I highly recommend their classes. -Tami S.

I did not think one can learn anything in a days class specially in QuickBooks but after attending the hands-on, lesson by lesson classes at Compusoft I have changed my mind. The student manual with practice files can now help me keep up with this till I get employed -Kimberly S

The staff and instructors at Compusoft are friendly and great. I recommend their Microsoft Office and Project classes to anyone seeking it. -Steve D

The computer technician course was very thorough and gave me the hands-on skills needed to work at Best Buy - Thank you, Erick R.

Instructors here at Compusoft make sure you learn skills that can be used back at office. I highly recommend their courses for employment. -Rosie G.

Excellent instruction on Excel, Access and Project classes. Teacher was great and really took time to make sure we understood. -Trish N.

I attended classes here 20 years ago and was so pleased by their training method that upon my recommendation, the supervisor signed up the rest of the staff on their flat pricing group classes.  All is happy. -Alex G.