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Basic Comnputer Training Classes in HoustonIntroduction to PC's Windows, & Internet - Outline

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Listed below is our standard Course Outline.

Each course is instructor led, group-paced, with hands-on classroom-training using step-by-step student manual and exercises.

Introduction to PC's, Windows & Internet  - Training Classes in Houston, Texas

Computer Basic, Windows & Internet Level 1

Training Course Content

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Personal Computers
Topic 1A: Identify Uses of Personal Computers
Topic 1B: Identify Types of Personal Computers
Topic 1C: Identify the Common Components of a Personal Computer
Topic 1D: Identify How Personal Computers Work

Lesson 2: Using a Personal Computer
Topic 2A: Set Up Your Computer
Topic 2B: Start Your Computer
Topic 2C: Log in to Your Computer
Topic 2D: Display My Computer

Lesson 3: Using Application Software
Topic 3A: Navigate in a Word Processing Document
Topic 3B: Update a Spreadsheet
Topic 3C: Run a Presentation
Topic 3D: Find Information in a Database

Lesson 4: Connecting to a Network
Topic 4A: Identify Types of Networks
Topic 4B: Access the Internet

Additional Topics covered:

File Management

Sending & Receiving Emails

Sending Email Attachments


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Introduction to Computer, Windows & Internet Classes in Houston

Introduction to Computer, Windows & Internet Training in Houston

Introduction to Computer, Windows & Internet offerings in Houston


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