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Microsoft Project Training Classes in HoustonMicrosoft Project Course Outlines

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Listed below are our standard Course Outlines.

Each course is instructor led, group-paced, with hands-on classroom-training using step-by-step student manual and exercises.

Microsoft Project 2007 - Training Classes in Houston, Texas

Microsoft® Office Project ® 2007: Level 1

Training Course Content

  • Lesson 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Project
    Topic 1A: Explore the Microsoft Project 2007 Environment
    Topic 1B: Display an Existing Project Plan in Different Views

    Lesson 2: Creating a Project Plan
    Topic 2A: Create a New Project Plan
    Topic 2B: Assign a Project Calendar
    Topic 2C: Add Tasks to the Project Plan
    Topic 2D: Enter the Task Duration Estimates
    Topic 2E: Add Resources in the Project Plan

    Lesson 3: Managing Tasks in a Project Plan
    Topic 3A: Outline Tasks
    Topic 3B: Add a Recurring Task
    Topic 3C: Link Dependent Tasks
    Topic 3D: Set a Constraint to a Task
    Topic 3E: Set a Task Deadline
    Topic 3F: Add Notes to a Task

    Lesson 4: Managing Resources in a Project Plan
    Topic 4A: Create a Resource Calendar
    Topic 4B: Assign Resources to Tasks
    Topic 4C: Assign Additional Resources to a Task
    Topic 4D: Enter Costs for Resources
    Topic 4E: Enter Values for Budget Resources
    Topic 4F: Resolve Resource Conflicts

    Lesson 5: Finalizing the Project Plan
    Topic 5A: Display the Critical Path
    Topic 5B: Shorten the Project Duration
    Topic 5C: Set a Baseline
    Topic 5D: Print a Project Summary Report



    Microsoft® Office Project ® 2007: Level 2

    Training Course Content

  • Lesson 1: Exchanging Project Plan Data with Other Applications
    Topic 1A: Import Project Information
    Topic 1B: Export Project Plan Data into Excel
    Topic 1C: Copy a Picture of the Project Plan Information

    Lesson 2: Updating a Project Plan
    Topic 2A: Enter Task Progress
    Topic 2B: Enter Overtime Work
    Topic 2C: Split a Task
    Topic 2D: Reschedule a Task
    Topic 2E: Filter Tasks
    Topic 2F: Set an Interim Plan
    Topic 2G: Create a Custom Table
    Topic 2H: Create a Custom Report

    Lesson 3: Managing Project Costs
    Topic 3A: Update Cost Rate Tables
    Topic 3B: Group Costs
    Topic 3C: Link Documents to a Project Plan

    Lesson 4: Reporting Project Data Visually
    Topic 4A: Create a Visual Report
    Topic 4B: Customize a Visual Report
    Topic 4C: Create a Visual Report Template

    Lesson 5: Reusing Project Plan Information
    Topic 5A: Create a Project Plan Template
    Topic 5B: Create a Custom View
    Topic 5C: Make Custom Views Available to Other Project Plans



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