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Microsoft FrontPage: Level 2 - Training Classes in Houston


Microsoft® Office FrontPage® 2003: Level 2

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Course Specifications:

Software: A Complete installation of Microsoft Office XP Professional with FrontPage

Course Description:

Microsoft FrontPage 2003, or FrontPage, is a desktop software application you can use to create, edit, and manage a web site and all of its elements, whether it's for an intranet or for the World Wide Web. It can be used to accomplish the simplest chores, such as adding text to pages, or for the most complicated tasks, such as collecting and storing form data in a database.

Course Objective: You will modify existing pages and webs by creating a splash screen, frames, forms, and FrontPage Web components to create and manage more collaborative, dynamic, and interactive webs.

Target Student: Anyone needing the skills necessary to manage and enhance his or her web's functionality and usability.

Prerequisites: To ensure your success, we recommend you first take the following  course or have equivalent knowledge:

  • FrontPage 2003 Level 1

Delivery Method: Instructor-led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured, hands-on activities.

Performance-Based Objectives:

  • create, save, and distribute a FrontPage page template.
  • create an animated entry page to a web site by inserting a FrontPage Web component.
  • use frames and Web components to display and repurpose existing content.
  • acquire data using a form and display database data on a page.
  • make a web more useful by adding elements and components that will make it easier for co-workers and visitors to locate information.
  • manage and monitor a web's content.


Microsoft® Office FrontPage 2003: Level 2

Training Course Content

Lesson 1: Laying Out a Page with Frames

Topic 1A: Create Frames Pages
Topic 1B: Add Links to Frames Pages
Topic 1C: Modify Frames
Topic 1D: Create an Inline Frame

Lesson 2: Adding User Navigation Components

Topic 2A: Add Search Capabilities
Topic 2B: Create an Image Map
Topic 2C: Insert a Link Bar
Topic 2D: Create a Table of Contents

Lesson 3: Working with Forms

Topic 3A: Create a Form
Topic 3B: Modify Field Properties
Topic 3C: Send Form Data to a File
Topic 3D: Send Form Data to a Database

Lesson 4: Displaying Dynamic Content

Topic 4A: Share Content Between Pages
Topic 4B: Add an Interactive Button
Topic 4C: Swap Images
Topic 4D: Display Database Information on a Page
Topic 4E: Insert Redirect Meta Tags
Topic 4F: Add a Chart

Lesson 5: Managing Workgroup Development

Topic 5A: Manage Tasks
Topic 5B: Manage Files with Source Control
Topic 5C: Manage a File's Review Status
Topic 5D: Secure a Web

Lesson 6: Maintaining a Site

Topic 6A: Manage Web Folders
Topic 6B: Manage Web Files
Topic 6C: Correct Broken Hyperlinks
Topic 6D: Analyze a Web's Usage
Topic 6E: Display a Top 10 List for Visitors
Topic 6F: Change Default Documents